Katie Darlington is the award winning fashion and print designer and driving force behind luxury womenswear label
K A T I E . D A R L I N G T O N

"It's not just about building a brand, it's about developing a creative space where designers, illustrators, artists & talented, creative technicians can develop innovative luxury products. An inclusive, ever evolving business where creatives flourish and progress, pushing boundaries and turning the traditional workplace on its head".

Born and raised on the Welsh coast Katie moved to London and graduated from Kingston University in 2013. Her debut collection 'Collecting sentiment' saw innovative pattern cutting and print design, which won her the Wolf & Badger Graduate Design Award for Fashion.

“I take a lot of inspiration from abandoned landscapes, architecture and photography. I find derelict and abandoned space particularly interesting and a lot of my prints are as a result of trying to distort or decompose materials. My collections tend to be based on mood. The atmosphere or the feeling of a particular location, image or piece of writing can start the creative process”.


SS|13 - "I love a fresh, new collection and Katie Darlington’s is definitely one to get on board with. Her debut collection ‘Collecting sentiment’ brought innovative pattern cutting and print design to the table (and won her the Wolf & Badger Graduate Design Award for Fashion). Darlington brings scintillating silhouettes, beautifully luxe tailoring and feminine prints to the floor, and ignites our passion for simple, sleek dressing. What else could you want"? - Sarah Tippett, Fashion Blogger. The Fashion Ache.

SS|14 - "When I set out on my “No Meet No Treat” mission, one of the golden rules was that whatever I buy not only has to be made by someone I meet, but I also have to love it. It has to be something I’d buy anyway. This is". - Ali Mapletoft, Designer. Age of Reason.

SS|15 - "Classic lines, used to create stunning garments entwined with understated print. The current range is one that will empower the wearer, one that breeds confidence just by looking at it. It creates the best thing in fashion, an entrance. These are statement pieces that will turn heads". - Ross Pollard. Fashion Blogger. Haus Of FashionWorked.