When deciding on my wedding dress I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly how much I wanted to spend in my head. On visiting several Swansea based wedding dress shops I was yet to find a dress that; 1. I loved 2. Was affordable and 3. Was what I actually wanted. I found that although all the dresses were beautiful and the women to be helpful, they didn't really truly get what I wanted and kept showing me alternative dresses that were similar and dresses that I could take things off or add things on and have taken in here and taken up there. This turned out to be very expensive and nowhere near the dress I would have started out with. I felt very deflated and worried that I would not find a dress that I loved. By chance I met Katie through a mutual friend who was going to add some straps onto my bridesmaid dresses. I confided in Katie about my ordeal trying to find a dress and finally I was talking to somebody who could see the dress I imagined I would wear. Straight away Katie gave me advise on what would and would not suit me and what materials would complement my theme. That was all I needed Katie was now my official bespoke wedding dress designer. From there on the stress of the busy shops and women who didn't really understand what I wanted was over. Katie got to work straight away. We had several get togethers looking at wedding dress pictures I'd been saving. Looking at materials and just having a good old chat about the wedding and my fiancé. I loved being able to hand pick every detail of my wedding dress with guidance and support from Katie who always knew what to say. The whole process was amazing and when people use to say to me 'you must be crazy not seeing your wedding dress until a few weeks before' I'd disagree and say I saw my wedding dress at every stage, it was hand stitched to perfection and nothing was added or made permanent until Katie had my blessing. Katie even took in my dress 4 days before the wedding to ensure it was a perfect fit. And as if she hadn't done enough, she came to my wedding venue and dressed me on the morning of my wedding. This was the ultimate luxury and made me feel very special. During this whole process Katie was professional and definitely a major part of our wedding. They say the bride should steal the show at her wedding and in my case, it was 100% true thanks to my bespoke, handmade and personalised wedding dress. 

− Emma John.