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One | Leather | Black
The Dallison is Katie Darlingtons first luxury leather handbag. Each Dallison has been hand stitched in Wales and is made with black vegetable-tanned leather, sourced from our British supplier. The luxury bag is finished with beautiful brass hardware which has also been carefully sourced from British manufacturers. Each Dallison is stamped on the top left hand side with 'Made in Wales' and the internal pocket has been branded with the Katie Darlington logo. The single handle has been hand crafted and the bag also benefits from a long adjustable leather strap.

Over the past year Katie Darlington has been working tirelessly to design and create a beautiful leather handbag that has been carefully manufactured in Britain using British suppliers and manufacturers. The Dallison is lavish yet conscientious and we hope that our customers love it as much as we do.

Caring for your Dallison.

Your Dallison has been made with vegetable-tanned leather which does require a little care. The handbag has been coated with a gentle protection cream however, it is important that you follow the guidelines below.

For the first month of regular use, please avoid taking the handbag out in wet weather. This should give the fibres sufficient time to become more flexible and therefore less likely to react to water.

After the first month of use any spots of water or rain can be gently wiped into the leather, rather than allowing droplets to just sit on the surface.

If you wish to clean your handbag, you can purchase a cream from most shoe shops. Always use a neutral, rather than a particular colour (which will contain a dye) and test on an inconspicuous area of the handbag. If you require any further advice on how to care for your Dallison the team at Katie Darlington are always happy to help.

Other information

The stitching on your handbag has been done by hand. Hand stitching not only adds to the beauty and character of the bag, it is also much stronger than machine stitching, which makes it well worth the extra time involved. If one of the stitches on your Dallison should break, the rest will not unravel.

The hardware on your Dallison is good quality brass and has been sourced from a specialist British manufacturer. Brass is beautiful and hardwearing but does occasionally require polishing. At Katie Darlington we use Brasso wadding. We advise keeping the Brasso off the leather. If the Brasso does contact the leather we recommend wiping immediately with a damp soft cloth.

Do NOT store your Dallison near heat as this will dry out the leather. If this should happen, please contact Katie Darlington for advice.

Leather is a natural material and with use, your handbag will develop some marks or scratches. This is inevitable and will add to the bags character. The Dallison has been designed to last for many years if properly cared for. If you experience any problems, or simply require advice regarding its care, please don’t hesitate to contact Katie Darlington.